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Easy to use. Hard to believe.

With the Apple iPad 3D, the future is literally in your hands. Combined with the Ortesi Foot & Ankle App,  familiar gestures make navigation natural and intuitive.


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It's easier than easy

The Ortesi Foot & Ankle App utilises dependable technology to create accurate, visually appealing 3D scans and incorporates Ortesi’s full custom prescriptions. No more downloading and uploading 3D scans and prescriptions, the Ortesi Foot & Ankle App takes care of everything with a unique ‘single touch’ upload button from within the app.
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Built to go places

Box opened with ipad inside

Durable and portable

At less that 1kg, the Apple iPad 3D flight case has been specifically designed and custom made to allow Apple iPad 3D to go wherever you go. It is durable and portable, using mostly aluminium within its construction it delivers reassuring protection while securing everything you need in the one place.

Intelligent Charging

Power plug and cable

Power Adapter Pro, for when you're on the go.

Utilising intelligent power logic, the all new Power Adaptor Pro charges both the the Structure 3D Scanner and iPad simultaneously, reducing cable clutter and saving space.

What's in the Box?

Briefcase with logo

Flight Case

iPad front view

iPad + Structure 3D Scanner

Power Adapter Pro

Power Adapter Pro

iPad Desktop Support

iPad Desktop Support


Footlink TV

Footlink 3D Scanning App Tutorial

Apple iPad 3D Scanning Techniques

Self Help - App Restart

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Self Help - Calibration

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